Mosses, lichens and algae are a major maintenance headache throughout the UK. These external growths dramatically reduce the life expectancy of the roof tiles on which they are growing, giving rise to problems of water penetration.

Not only does moss damage your tiles, it also causes erosion of the mortar joints on your valleys, ridges and chimneys. Mosses will also grow up under the laps of the tiles and cause capillary attraction of rainwater resulting in roof leaks.

When the mosses become large, they become dislodged by heavy downpours of rain, resulting in the additional maintenance problem of blocked gutters, downpipes and drains.

Scraping the moss off your roof is ineffective, as it leaves the roots within the tiles.

These roots will re-germinate and grow within a matter of months and you’ll have the same problem again, paying for such roof cleaners services would be a false economy.

How Work Smart Roofing Can Help

We provide a comprehensive roof cleaning service that will remove all moss and lichen by deep cleaning the roof slates before treating with our organic anti-fungal agent.

This will kill off the roots leading to long-term protection against reinfection.
Our moss removal service doesn’t stop there. Before we begin any job, we will evaluate the roof.

*Small repairs at no extra cost
It is not unusual to find cracked or broken roof tiles and we will make small repairs as part of the service at no extra charge. Should more substantial remedial work be required we can recommend a competent and tested roofing company to carry out repairs.

So, if you’re worried about the state of your roof more generally, get in touch for a free evaluation.