GRP Flat Roof Installation Services

GRP stand for Glass Reinforced Polyester, which is made by adding fine fiber made up of glass in order to make plastic strong. One of the most popular roofing styles in United Kingdom is GRP flat roofs or fiberglass roofs.

The flat roofs look classy and give contemporary look where it has been used since ancient times. Flat roofs are not suitable in areas where there is heavy rainfall, as the water stays on top, especially when there is no proper drainage system. In a situation like these, there could be a need for maintenance every now and then.

To avoid your flat roofs from constant damage from rainfall, one most effective solution is to install a GRP flat roof. These roofs are designed to last for 2 to 3 decades, without worrying about deterioration. This makes it not only unique but also a permanent design, which does not require repainting or changing every once in a while.

In GRP flat roof, a single-ply laminate is applied on the deck and coated with a pigmented topcoat and GRP edge trims. This type of roofing has been available from the last 50 years, which provides a water-proof material, saving roofs from leakage in heavy rainfall. This same material is used to coat the sides of boats, water tanks, swimming pools, and even car bodies. Which can be painted also.

The pigmented topcoats can be painted in any colour tone of your choice, be it dark shade or light. It gives you the flexibility to design it as per your will. Painting your roods with dark colors can give aesthetic look among other buildings, whereas, light colours aids in energy efficiency.

GRP flat roofs could be costly as compared to the traditional flat roofs. Therefore, it is invested only in the building which is expected to stay for ages or no modification is expected in the future. That is why it is most preferred on commercial structure instead of residential housing structures.

The plus points of GRP flat roofs is that these are fire resistant and energy efficient. These roofs not only stay for long but are also environmentally friendly. Chemicals, if spilled on the roof will not do any harm, just like it will be safe even if a heavy object falls on it.

We provide our customers with the best of the GRP flat roof services, with our specialists who have been working hard to give the best to your buildings. Our services include:

  • Installation of new flat roofs
  • Refurbishment of the roofs
  • Repair the damages due to extreme weather conditions
  • Make your roods water-proof
  • Help in making long term planning about your roofs
  • We provide energy saving solutions
  • Coatings and renovations are also done of the roofs.

We have a wide range of services to choose from, according to your requirements. Many of our installation systems come with a guarantee and can last for 10 to 20 years.